Facilities for People with Disabilities

  • Unfortunately, we do not have wheelchair access
  • There is meter car-parking close to the practice
  • After entering the front door there is an entrance area. A short flight of stairs is present (eight steps).
  • The inside of the upper ground floor is on a single level with no steps or ramps at all We also intended to improve access for patients with disabilities:
  • Our reception desk is low to make it easier for users to speak to the receptionist
  • External lights on and around the building to ensure safe access for all during the dark winter months, but especially for people with visual impairments
  • The furniture inside the building has been arranged to allow easy passage
  • The treatment room doors are easy to open (for people with physical disabilities)
  • We have fitted high slip-resistance floor coverings throughout the building, partly to assist those who have difficulty walking
  • Commonly used printed practice literature is available in a large-print format – eg the price list
  • All other printed material and correspondence can be produced in large print on request
  • All practice information has been made available on our website to provide easy access for those with visual or hearing impairment
  • We have the facility to communicate by email and SMS text message rather than by telephone – which can make life easier for people with hearing impairments

If you are a patient and have any suggestions for further improvements that would help you, please contact us.