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Facing the challenges: A Norwegian in London

Between moving to a foreign country, specialising in a demanding field of dentistry and setting up his own specialist practice – Dr Nicolai Orsteen is a prime example of a man who embraces challenge. Learn more about Nicolai, how he unexpectedly became a specialist in root canal treatments, and how he eventually set up his practice in this interview with XO-Care. To read the interview click here.

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Root canal cost – what you can expect to pay

Many patients worry about the price of a root canal treatment – it’s known to be at the more expensive end of the spectrum of dental procedures. And while there is good reason for that – it’s a highly skilled, often lengthy procedure that requires your dentist to invest in state-of-the-art equipment and materials – root canal prices in the UK can nonetheless appear eye-wateringly costly.

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Eight common mistakes people may make while brushing their teeth

1. You’re not brushing your teeth for long enough

2. You’re brushing too hard

3. Your angle is off

4. Your toothbrush bristles are too firm

5. Your toothbrush head is too big

6. You’ve had the same toothbrush since last year

7. You don’t consider flossing mandatory

8. You think it’s no big deal to skip brushing your teeth before bed now and then

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Communication within the doctor-patient relationship

At Root Canal Dental Referral Centre we always strive to have the best possible communication with our patients. At recent study published in the British Dental Journal showed that communication within the doctor-patient relationship is complex due to a variety of reasons; a patient’s understanding may not correspond with the clinician’s vocabulary, resulting in misunderstanding, anxiety and ill-informed decision making.

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When And How Acidic Beverages Are Consumed Affects Dental Erosion, Review Finds

The British Dental Journal published that researchers from King’s College London determined “the risk of moderate or severe tooth erosion was 11 times higher for adults who drank acidic beverages twice daily, particularly when they were consumed between meals, compared with those who consumed such beverages less frequently.” On the other hand, “when acidic drinks were consumed with meals, the risk of tooth erosion was slashed by half.” The researchers also found “that the risk of tooth erosion is increased when we sip drinks, as well as when we swish, hold, or rinse them in the mouth before swallowing.” 

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