Endodontic Referrals in Richmond

We accept referrals for specialist root canal treatment.

Root Canal Referrals

As a specialist endodontist, Dr Orsteen understands that it requires a great deal of trust for clinicians to refer their patients to him. With his wealth of experience, and working with the latest technology and materials, he strives to build effective and mutually beneficial relationships with all clinicians who refer to him, and to care for their patients in the best way possible.

Endodontics can be a complex and demanding procedure and this is the reason why many general dentists choose to refer cases to Dr Orsteen. His practice is limited to endodontic treatment only, so dentists can rest assured that their patients will be returned to their care following treatment.

The referral process

Referred patients will only be accepted for the specific treatment requested by the referring dentist. After an initial consultation, options and choices available to the patient will be discussed in detail and Dr Orsteen will spend as much time as necessary to enable patients to make an informed decision about the appropriate treatment for their needs.

A fully personalised treatment plan and estimate of the fees involved will be given to the patient. No treatment will be carried out until this has taken place.

Once Dr Orsteen has completed the treatment for which the patient has been referred, they are returned to the referring dentist who will complete any ongoing treatment. A full written report will be sent to the referring dentist.

When making the referral, it is appreciated that as much as possible information about the case is passed on to Dr Orsteen. This can save the patient time and money.

Root Canal Dental Referral Centre's Referral Charter

  • We will always return the patient to the referring dentist.

  • We aim to contact patients within 24 hours.

  • We will return patients' and dentists' calls within 24 hours if they have any queries.

  • The patient will receive a detailed treatment plan and all costs will be agreed and discussed before treatment.

  • We will always provide recommendations for further care.

  • We will only carry out treatment in accordance with instructions from the referring dentist.

  • No further treatment will be carried out without authorisation from the referring dentist.

  • We will keep you updated throughout the treatment.

  • We aim to send a full treatment report to the referring dentist within two working days.

  • We only use the most modern and scientific proven procedures, materials and equipment.

  • We will offer reasonable and highly competitive specialist fees.

How to refer a patient

Option 1
Complete our secure referral form below

Option 2
Call us on 020 8050 0351

Option 3
Referral pads - if you require a referral pad, please email or call us.

Option 4
Email info@rootcanalcentre.co.uk

AltTextDr Nicolai Orsteen

DDS Oslo 2002
Specialist in Endodontics
GDC No. 175404

Nicolai is on the specialist register for endodontics, which means he is recognised by the General Dental Council as being specially qualified to undertake all types of routine and advanced root canal therapy.