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Genuine testimonials from dentists

  • "Dr Orsteen is a highly skilled clinician who does not compromise in delivering quality care. His calm and professional manner throughout the treatment process puts patients at ease and his highly qualified team always use excellent equipment, materials and techniques, including the highest levels of cross-infection.

    I feel Dr Orsteen always cares and has the best interest of the patient as his first priority. He is a true professional, with a sympathetic and humble approach, that many patients and referring dentists have highly appreciated over the years. He also has the ability to build lasting relationships, both as a clinician and as a human being.

    I would happily recommend Dr Orsteen to any of my patients or other referring dentists. I would not hesitate to have treatment by him and his team for myself or my family."

    Dr Antimos Ouzounoglou
    DDS, Tandlakare, Gothenburg, 1999

  • "We have been working with Dr Orsteen for several years now, referring most of our patients in need of a root canal treatment to him. We, and our patients, are always very happy with his professionalism, gentle approach and excellent treatment results and would strongly recommend him."

    Dr Nicole Sturzenbaum

  • "For years, I have been referring cases to Nicolai and not only are my referred patients happy, but so am I. He is excellent with patients and his work is just perfect! Thank you again for your professionalism."

    Dr Peter-Daniel Das

  • "Over the last few years, Dr Nicolai Orsteen and I have treated hundreds of patients together. I do not hesitate to refer my patients to him for their endodontic needs, as I have found him to be ethical, knowledgeable and with the highest clinical skills and standards. My patients are very pleased after having had painless and efficient endodontic treatment, with the highest level of care, by a practitioner who places their best interests first."

    Dr Philip Walberg

Genuine testimonials from patients

  • "I highly recommend the work of Dr Nicolai Orsteen. He has carried out root canal treatment in the past for me and, more recently, for my son. He is highly skilled, and his calm and reassuring manner make you feel you are in extremely safe hands. He does everything to make the treatment as pleasant as possible, and our dentists have been very complimentary about the results."

    Jane C

  • "I was referred to Dr Orsteen by my dentist for emergency root canal treatment. I received excellent and professional care by the team at Root Canal Dental Referral Centre. I would recommend their service to family and friends, as Dr Orsteen was wonderful and reassuring and listened to my concerns. The clinic is lovely and in a convenient location to those in the Richmond, St Margaret’s and Twickenham areas."


  • "Dr Orsteen clearly explained the procedure, appeared to work quickly and efficiently and, best of all, stood by his promise not to hurt me!"

    David L

  • "My experience of treatment from Dr Orsteen has always been exceptional. If the purpose of my visit had been for anything other than dental treatment, I would come to the practice every day!"

    Paul K

  • "The treatment at Dr Orsteen’s practice couldn’t have been better. He explained everything clearly and instilled a sense of confidence. I felt comfortable throughout, and I had virtually no discomfort the morning after the procedure. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend Dr Orsteen."