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We offer specialist dental root canal (endodontic) therapy in Richmond.

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Specialist Endodontics

Root canal therapy in Richmond

Welcome to the Root Canal Dental Referral Centre in Richmond, where we specialise in providing high quality routine and advanced specialist endodontics at reasonable prices.

Our specialist endodontist is well-qualified, highly-skilled and very experienced in performing both standard and complex root canal treatments. All procedures are performed in our state-of-the-art surgery, offering a modern and calm, relaxing atmosphere. We use the latest technology and equipment, such as a high magnification microscope which enables us to carry out endodontic treatments to a consistently high standard. We are proud to be the first dental practice in the UK with a XO 4 dental unit, which is regarded as the most advanced dental unit in the world. It helps us provide the most comfortable experience for our patients. Even with a state-of-the-art surgery, our prices are very reasonable as we believe that specialist endodontic treatment should be an affordable treatment option to a larger part of the population.

Appointments can be made either by self-referral or via your regular dentist. If you are referred by your own dentist, we will carry out your root canal therapy and will then return you to the care of your regular dentist who will complete any on-going treatment.

To support his commitment to continuing care, Dr Orsteen promises to re-treat, free of charge, any vital tooth that fails within five years.

AltTextDr Nicolai Orsteen

DDS Oslo 2002
Specialist in Endodontics
GDC No. 175404

My name is Nicolai Orsteen and I am a registered specialist in endodontics in both the UK and my home country Norway. I have worked as a specialist for more than 8 years and my practice is solely limited to root canal treatments.

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